30 Years Experience


A label is more than means to identify a product. Done right, it will be the key factor in your product connecting with consumers. Master Label understands this. As Indonesia’s premier printing company and with 30-years of experience in the industry, we know to go the extra mile in providing quality printing solutions for our diverse list of clients. The wealth of our knowledge has made us the most trusted label consultants to numerous local and international premium brands as well as promising start-ups, ensuring that we stay true to our motto as “The Quality Label for Quality Products”.

Master Label was established in 1991 as a specialist label manufacturer that services a wide range of industries. By 2012, we’ve established Master Tube as our official Laminated Tube Manufacturer. Our longstanding relationships with the most globally renowned brands in the industry such as Siegwerk, Avery Dennison, and UPM Raflatac, ensure that we use only the finest materials available today. Through our factory in Cikarang, Indonesia, we continue to provide our clients with the quality and variety they need. Our success is echoed in the global recognition we’ve acquired. We continue to improve our process and prints by utilizing the latest innovations in the industry. Our team of dedicated experts are always on deck to share their applied knowledge on the right label choices relevant to your business.


To grow our industry colleagues, suppliers and customers, and to explore the uses of new technology in creating the best results. To be recognized as a company that provides a benchmark for label printing services, both locally and internationally.


We strive to remain Indonesia’s leading label supplier, to create and sustain exceptional professional relationships, and to use our experience and expertise to provide the best-quality labeling solutions for our clients, adding value to their businesses and needs.



Ensuring a high-quality label print requires a similarly high-quality Pre-Press.

Our Digital Pre-Press department uses the most advanced processing equipment available in-house to provide a full range of electronic prepress services, including document formatting, photo scanning and plate-setting. Some of our Pre-Press includes the Esko CDI Spark 4835 and Dupont Cyrel Fast. Our machineries will produce top-quality film and plates for printing.

Our in-house Pre-Press technology guarantees consistent quality, fast services, and confidentiality. These include Direct To Plate Creo’s thermoflex system, Image setters as well as Screen making and Flexo plate making. Depending on the methods you choose, we are able to provide high quality digital or conventional proofs.

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Consistent colors for your tailor-made printing inks.

We have an expansive collection of inks, sure to suit wide color ranges of any type of product. The ink room is specifically designed to produce the most vibrant and eye catching color combinations. Our ink mixers used to measure the quantity of inks down to the very last ounce and mix them into your desired specifications. The ink mixing department delivers wide color gamut and keep color consistency

To ensure our goal, we have established a working relationship with varieties of qualified suppliers who are market leaders in the industry. Our partnerships with these suppliers ensure that our inks and varnishes are always manufactured with international standardization process. Our ink mixing department aim to achieve any color requirement while keeping consistent ink for repeat jobs.

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High-quality Presses to accommodate various application requirements.

We utilize only the best presses to ensure consistent high-quality results. Our presses includes multiple combination flexo printing machine with the latest technology as well as digital presses which suit variable data printing and very high-resolution prints

Our printing presses can also support in line screen printing, rotogravure, inkjet, hot and cold foiling, lens, laminations, multiple die-cuts, multi-tactile designs, unique coding, mirror labels, expanded content labels, logistic multitacs; removable labels, and other specialties.

With these high-quality presses, we are able to ensure printing success in an environment where application requirements are changing all the time.

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First-class Lamitubes that distinct your product from anything on shelf

We are proud to offer high quality tube laminates printing. Mostly used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products, laminate tubes have unique aesthetic benefits that include first-class digital printing and an ability to create eye-catching graphics using full 360° printable image.

Our presses are able to assure very accurate web tension controls, register controls, and other specially developed applications, such as additional web enhancement, print/varnish flow-out to ensure the best tube laminates prints. It can be printed on both in-line combined offset as well as variable format flexo press.

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Automated statistical process controls to minimize errors.

Whatever the size and scope of the project, we are committed to deliver cost-effective without compromising quality.

Each and every one of our employees are dedicated to deliver on our promise of quality and customer satisfaction. We also believe that quality inspection tools and the system can help us in delivering all round consistent result all year round.

With the help of 100% quality checking machines and the system, we ensure to deliver quality labels to our customers.

Our team is involved in efforts to continuously improve our services, and to meet ISO 9001:2008 international standards.

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