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     Master Label is a label printing company since 1991. As a specialist label manufacturer we are servicing a wide range of industries such as pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic, food and beverage, toy, electronic, lubricant oil, chemical, household and retail.

     Master Label has both the machinery and skilled staff required to produce quality labels. Today we are a leading producer of quality labels in Indonesia. Using modern state of the art technology and the finest machinery available in the world to meet the needs of the high quality demand of our customers.

     A label is not only the means for product identification and information. With great design and appropriate printing techniques, label can be the best advertisement and attention grabber at the point of purchase. Label is an investment, it can reinforce personality and positioning of the premium brand which can catch the attention and affect the interest and decision to buy. Good quality label creates an image and enhances the total quality of the product, increases Customers awareness to increase market share and brand loyalty.

     Now the choices are endless with various printing techniques, label stocks, adhesives, inks, foils and coatings available that you can choose from. You can create the perfect look for your product to have maximum visual impact which project the right look to create the mood and feel.

     Our aim is, as the leading label supplier, to create exceptional customer relationship, offering our advice and expertise to provide labeling solutions. We offer you the best printing techniques : flexo, screen and letterpress according to the type of container, the quantities required and the complexity of the design.

     Successful solutions come from many different sources. At Master Label, we work with our industry colleagues, suppliers and customers to explore the uses of new technology. These alliances give us the access to a wide range of experience and expertise, enabling us to create solutions that produce exceptional results. Our flexible, innovative approach, combined with consistent attention to quality, has create many successful labels.